Popular bed-in-a-box company Helix has expanded its line of sleep products with the launch of its first ever pillow.

The brand unveiled the Helix Pillow on its website this week, billing it as the perfect compliment to the company’s flagship mattress. The high-performance pillow is built with Memory Foam and Down Alternative, materials that lend themselves well to both pressure relief and support. In addition to this comfy construction, the pillow is also fully adjustable and comes equipped with support insert layers.

“We developed the Helix Pillow taking into account tens of thousands of data points on our customers different needs and preferences,” explained Adam Tishman, Helix Co-Founder. “That’s how we came up with the unique adjustable design that allows each customer to adjust the loft or height of the pillow depending on their sleeping position and body type. We’ve all had an experience where a pillow is just too soft or way to firm. The new age adjustable design fixes that and provides the best comfort for everyone.”


To give you a better sense of what this pillow looks like, I’m going dish on the specs of its outer comfort shell and support inserts:

  • The Outer Comfort Shell – The shell is made up of 1 lb. Memory Foam and Down Alternative on either side. A 1.25″ gusset allows for the adjustment and the breathable knit cover helps to keep things cool. I should note that there’s also a “Helix Cool” comfort shell option, which sleeps even cooler thanks to its polyethylene fabric cover.
  • Support Insert Layers – Every pillow comes with two support insert layers, each of which is built with 1 lb. of Memory Foam and Down Alternative. These layers allow the sleeper to adjust the comfort level of their pillow and create the perfect amount of support.

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